About Us


NTAFACE VENTURE NIG.LTD (Hereinafter referred to as NTAFACE) is a big privately owned indigenous and multifaceted support service provider in both local and international procurement and supply of tools and safety wears. NTAFACE, a company with over 25years experience and tremendous dexterity in the oil sector with a proactive mind to world-class standards in the perspective of service delivery. With a great volume of industrial experience, NTAFACE, is able to articulate projects and deliver 24hours prompt services adequately in a well-shaped and comprehensive method in the Engineering, Procurement, Supply chain, Logistics and Management services in Nigeria.

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Our values and principles

Our values

To be the leading tool procurement and engineering service provider in Africa

Our mission

To enhance the best means of procuring and delivering tools, support and tenaciously drive the client's initiative towards maintenance , emergency response capability & prompt aptitude to engage our best hands and services.

Our core values

• The health, welfare and safety of our staff and the general public.
• The commitment of the organization to health safety measures.
• Our client's satisfaction is our priority when it comes to service delivery.
• Our staff are vital assets and we will not compromise our safety standards to actualize other unrealistic corporate goals.


•To meet regulatory compliance.
•To prevent damage to equipment, material and the environment.
•To maintain high standards of equipment deliveries at all time.
•To ensure health and safety performance consistent with the well being of society.

Your project

Nevertheless, every client is preferentially treated based on consumer sovereignty and the objectives of each client is proximally satisfied. We can absolutely manage the design and delivery process to ensure execution costs meets required budgets and likewise the efficient usage of resources provided. With no iota of doubt, our customers vouch for our best deliveries and constant commitment to service provision. Initial discussion focused at discovering your time constraints and budgetary reservations would help enable us to provide you with visible methods of achieving your project goals.

Safety policy

It is the policy of NTAFACE to conduct all its activities in a manner by which the Health and Safety of all its employees, and clients are properly safe guarded
NTAFACE will conduct its activities in line with the Companies Safety Guidelines, the requirements of our Clients and all relevant Government requirements.
NTAFACE is committed to the highest possible dedicated to timely delivery, and considers those two objectives to be inseparable.
Because an effective operation births a productive operation, no operation can be considered productive if its not carried out effectively.

This slogan is at the heart of our safety policy. NTAFACE trains employees to know ways of preventing self-injury and to safeguard against injury to coworkers.
Our goals is to work hand-in-hand to improve our awareness on safety measures as well as the safety of all persons involved in our operations.